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You have to give a girl a strong name, just like you would a boy. There are so many beautiful girl names out there I don't know why people insist on giving their daughters boy names.

A weak name doesn't instill any character in a girl and the damsel-in-distress mentality only works in movies. It means "little king" so it is most certainly a masculine name. I think people should name their children whatever they want. People don't name their children based on the meaning of the name.

Parents really need to rediscover what 'femininity' is because I think we've lost the idea.

Ryan was almost unheard of as a first name (except perhaps in families where it was the mother's or grandmother's maiden name) until 1964, when it was popularized by the American actor Ryan O'Neal (born 1941) because of his role in the very popular night time soap opera Peyton Place.

Whether I would name my son this or not remains to be seen. My favorite of all the Ryans that I know is tall, handsome, kind, and very poised. And in school, when getting the attendance read, they would read my last name first and look around for a boy. Parents, don't believe anything about male names on girls being "unique" or "spunky", it just makes me feel ugly and manly and causes all kinds of problems for me. I am a 20 year old male and I will be changing my name at the court in no time. One of my friends' name is Ryann, and she's a girl.

Although I love the name, it is very popular, and I think it’s starting to get overused. And he sure is a perfect little boy and the little king of the house! It is very popular where I live, though, and there are 3 Ryans in my 10th grade English class alone. He reminds me of a prince, so I think his name is very fitting for him. :) I think Ryan is a horrible, horrible girl's name. I'd love to change it, but unfortunately I think my mom would never forgive me if I did. Before I met her, I thought it was a boy's name but now this name reminds me of a girl.

If someone wants to name their daughter Ryan it's really not anyone else's business. MOST people name their children based on how much they LIKE the name, or because it has meaning to them personally.

For example, my mother's friend was gonna be named Sue whether she was a boy or a girl because of Johnny Cash's song "A Boy Named Sue" or whatever it's called. So if someone wants a child named Ryan and they just happen to have a girl and name her Ryan anyway, not only is it no one's place to criticize them for that, but it's also perfectly acceptable, different, and cute.

Our other two daughters both have the 'iann' in their name as well. I am not against girls having it if he had been a girl I seriously considered giving to her anyway but I do think it is better for a boy. I love the name for both a boy and (especially) for a girl.

For a woman, this name is just terrible, regardless of looks and all that. Right now, I hate this name, despite my love for Irish names. It also appeared to be a good alternative to Brian, the luster of which was beginning to fade.

Fictional Characters: Ryan Mc Gregor from Noughts and Crosses. As a last name, Ryan seemed to suddenly figure into a lot of movie and TV titles by the late 60s early 70s ("Ryan's Daughter," "Ryan's Hope"--even "Von Ryan's Express").

For people saying this is a name only for girls I think you're wrong.

Especially the ones saying it because the meaning is little king because truthfully this name is a surname so thousands of little girls have it part of their name.