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“How could I possibly date two people, or even three people, when handling one person was too much?

” you ask yourself as you scroll thru your texts one lazy Sunday.

"I was getting such a severe rush of feelings for these guys, almost like I was scared of losing an opportunity to date them, that I never really took the time to think if I really liked them or not," she says. Dating around led to the ultimate happy ending: Emily is now engaged to Adam.

"When I was dating more people I could take a step back and think: 'Do I really like them? Do you think dating three to find the one is a good idea?

Years of Sahara-like drought will give way to a summer full of eternal possibility, teeming with tapas dates and dinner dates and beach dates galore.

One day, you’ll wake up in a daze, and find yourself with a bucket full of eligible, decent, good dudes, all clamoring for your attention.

Investing a significant amount of time in more than one person can be tricky, and with the holidays coming up what are you going to do? Unfortunately, in a world with ever-increasing awareness of one’s relationship status on Facebook and every other social media site, we’re inclined to immediately label relationships. If you’re not looking for anything serious, let that be known and continue to press the point. Communicating what it is you’re looking for and what you ultimately want is the first step to avoiding a disaster.

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"I was forced not to put my life on hold for him." Perfect, right?

Know what you want ahead of time so you aren't getting too invested. You should have a personal list."Ladies love lists, but Wygant says he's talking about a different kind.

"Most women make a list of what they want the guy to be, not how they (personally) want to feel."Somewhere between her wedding fantasies and serial dating, Emily was able to do some soul-searching.

Talking about what you’re looking for at the onset of a hookup can stave off a huge blow up later.

Inevitably, every one of these juggling acts comes to an end, and eventually, you’re going to drop one of your balls if not both (pun intended).