Rsvp singles dating service australia

Genuine people - please don't torture yourself, this site is for the dregs of society and the RSVP admin people do not care if you complain about sunglasses, fake profiles etc. My expectations were met on every level and my experiences were and are reflective of everything I imagined exists.

Better to be single than go on this vile dating site. The sign up process was very easy and user friendly. Very difficult to understand T&C's and received no prior notification of any renewal.

a James Bond type of chap with heaps of cash, no wonder they are all still single, lots of very very shallow people My advice to guys is don't go near it, I'd say 80 % of the profiles are fake. You will get a Drop dead gorgeous woman hit you with a kiss, then you use dollars to message her, then you get a reply not interested, Hello! I sent them an email saying what's with the fake profiles, they replied don't be disrespectful or you will be banned.

yeah right, Oh and even if some profiles look genuine, and you message them, sit back and really think about their answers.

They clearly steal pictures and just make the profiles up. Be aware of scams on site to tempt you to but stamps by bogus users...It was at an RSVP function at City Tattersalls in 2014 that I met a man who conned me out of K within less than a month of meeting.After much research and trying to understand what had happened, I came to the realisation that this man was a psychopath. I later discovered that this man also had an online profile. I'm in the process of writing a book about my experience as a means of warning others about men like Steve.At the moment RSVP's balance sheets look good using the UNVERIFIED PHOTO strategy but when RSVP is forced to introduce verified photos business will decline rapidly.Due to current RSVP terms and conditions anyone is ALLOWED to PRETEND to be a lookalike without any restrictions and when you discover the dishonesty on your first date you will blame the person BUT in actual fact the instigator and enabler is RSVP.