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But you thought we were capable of doing even better. The DNA of our product, and the whole community gathered around us, lie in a single thing: the genuine editor experience of Flat.

And it became clear that we were not done with our initial mission.

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🏁 We set the deadline of one year for us to reach the ultimate goal.We acknowledged very early that the first difficulty of this challenge was technical. Creating a software to make composition smoother is even more difficult.But music composition software isn't just about complex engraving and tons of music notations features. So we came up with: What we love with our users is that they are exigeant. Overall you were happy with the improvements we made. 🏆 So we focused on creating amazing new features before realizing something important.We wanted to prove each musician that Flat was the game-changer for music composition and editing.And we made a promise: we will reach this goal and build this fantastic platform by ourselves.