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JUST FOR FUN ■'Let's cut'em off at the pass.' Our Biggest Brottier That's wfiat I call service! Hamrick Hall was built as a memorial to the men who died in World War I. Governor Gardner became interested in the college and had the building painted white. " NOBLE IN THE PAST m The Hamrick Building is truly an example of Gardner-Webb's noble past and holds many touching as well as historical memories for many people. It served as a housing for administration and a meeting place for chapel as well as various classes. Gone Is the builders temple; Crumbled into the dust. Paris Yelton was chairman of the successful 1959 fund drive which netted 0,000. Porter Brothers are faithful advertisers in the football program for Gardner-Webb. Great is thy skill, O Builder, Thy fame shall endure for aye." A teacher builded a temple; He wrought with skill and care; Forming each pillar with patience. None saw the unceasing effort; None knew of the marvelous plan; For the temple the teacher builded Was unseen by the eyes of man. From the Lutz-Yelton companies generous action, the Lutz-Yelton Dormitory was completed in 1963 and houses 100 male students. He has taken a personal interest in Gardner-Webb College students and has employed many graduates of the College. Hambright, Associate Professor, History, Political Science Mrs. Food Service Mr Zander Ingram, Jr , Maintenance Mrs Betty H, Logan, Associate Professor. For their constant support and interest in Gardner-Webb, the College proudly dedicates the 1981 WEB to these three families. CRAVEN EDWARD WILLIAMS PRESIDENT President's Message to the Students Love without criticism brings stagnation. I urge you to remember that people must be discriminating appraisers of society, knowing wholy and precisely the things that thwart them and thus need modification. The college president acts in a coordinating fashion for all administrative functions of the entire academic program." 22 ■^"Camera Hams' Mr.

Maintenance Mrs, Carolyn Hunt, Processing Assistant, Library Dr. Broderick Chapman, Assistant Director of Food Services Mrs. Barbara J Cribb, Associate Professor, Education and Art Ed. Richard Mc Bride, College Minister 28 29 ■■T^ivwwa Piaiit^Binn Mq il9RS! Professor- Dept of Religious Studies and Philosophy Mrs.