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Jillian said no and gave her final rose to Ed Swiderski.

In 2012, Rosenthal expanded his reality TV resume with a stint on , Rosenthal will help a newlywed couple, Jason and Blair Manus, find their dream home.

Last season on The Bachelorette, Jillian Harris passed on three different Mr.

Our recap could end there and be more than sufficient, but ABC's guilty pleasure, which premiered after Emily Maynard picked Jef Holm on The Bachelorette finale in late July, always seems to suck you back in.

Perfects - Jake Pavelka, Reid Rosenthal and Kiptyn Locke - in favor of a guy who was sending booty call texts to half the women in Chicago while on the show.

But while Ed Swiderski somehow prevailed then, it will soon be one of his vanquished, aforementioned competitors' time to shine as the new star of The Bachelor.

Next Monday on the season finale of The Bachelorette, Jillian Harris finally makes her choice.

In an interview with “One of the women I work with told me about the show and really wanted me to submit an application.

She got a picture of me and blurb and sent it to the show. Soon, I started getting calls like crazy from the producers.

I've always been fairly active but have been putting more focus on getting myself in as good as shape, both mentally and physically, as possible this year.

Trying lots of different things from crossfit, yoga, tai chi, high intensity interval training and surfing.