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Without those two pieces, you may end up with users who don't see or feel the benefit.Cons: The least appealing thing about JIRA and the other tools in the Atlassian suite is the fact that you must buy plug-ins to get a lot of functionality that should have been built in.While the forms are well developed and easy to use, creating the view that you want requires training.Overall: I've been able to easily track the status of engineering efforts and provide senior management with project reporting as part of a larger Transformation portfolio.At your desk or on the go with the new mobile interface, JIRA helps your team get the job done. Worth every penny Pros: We've been struggling for a long time to find a solution to solve our project management planning issues, and Jira proved to be flexible enough to suit our needs. Cons: One of the main disadvantages of Jira is that its interface can be tricky or overcomplicated sometimes, resembling the older version of computer software, and not the lean-style approach that services like Trello offer.Pros: I like the many functions it has and the easiness to add multiple things into a ticket. Pros: I find this website from a bug logging perspective to be excellent.It's easy to use, easy to get started with and best of all I can track all tasks, even ones that aren't assigned to me yet, I can watch their progress and anticipate when or if they will reach my desk.Cons: An unassigned task can sometimes fly under the radar and sometimes deadlines are missed.

If you take the time to customize the interface, add fields, workflows, etc.Atlassian is proud of their App ecosystem, but, from an end user perspective, it can just feel like it is a place grabbing your money.Pros: I got started on Jira through a company I worked for as a logistics personnel and this made my life a breeze.JIRA is the project management tool for teams planning and building great products.Thousands of teams choose JIRA to capture and organize issues, assign work, and follow team activity.

Redmine git repository not updating