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In episode 2 of the 2015 series, actor Nicholas Hoult was heard saying "oh fuck it" after Chris Evans asked him to play the trombone. The show gained more notoriety when as part of a competition, two children were forced to go head to head in a stare-out contest to win their parents a car.

After the competition was won, the boy who had lost then started to cry, which caused the tabloids to pounce on the show believing it to be shameless.

On 30 July 2014, Evans announced during his BBC Radio 2 breakfast show that TFI Friday could be returning to Channel 4, after being asked to host a 20th anniversary special (despite the fact that it has only been 19 years) as well as a new series in 2015.

During Evans' BBC Radio 2 breakfast show on 24 February, he revealed that the show would be back on 12 June 2015 on Channel 4.

The next edition showed the boy with the consolation prize of an assortment of toys, an apparent attempt to mitigate controversy, but which was followed by another staring contest (this time for a speedboat), again ending with the losing child crying.

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Customer services 01 Welcome to the UK's Cheapest & Filthiest Instant Access Granny Phone Sex!The show also was known for hosting many British rock bands from the "Britrock" stable at the time, including being able to successfully invite American bands onto the show while touring in the country.Channel 4 announced in the summer 2000, that the 6th series of TFI Friday was to be the last.On the 2015 revival show, both losing children (now grown up) were invited back and given a free holiday to Barbados with their families.Chris Evans also took this opportunity to apologise for what they did to them, acknowledging that it should never have happened.