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However, her experience as a bridesmaid helped her keep things in perspective.

“I had witnessed the various meltdowns brides had over details that simply went unnoticed by others.

“[Laurie Bailey Photography] came highly recommended and her work captured breathtakingly beautiful and intimate moments,” Rebecca shares.

The rustic elegance that Rebecca fell in love with on Instagram was perfectly utilized in the stunning chuppah, which had a forest-like look with verdant greenery and a plethora of violet and blush blossoms.

Only two years after taking the role, she received her first Emmy® nomination for Outstanding Younger Actress in May 1999.

Most recently in 2007, she was nominated again, this time in the category of Outstanding Supporting Actress.

While originally misguided and mischievous, Elizabeth has become one of the town's most beloved heroines.

Herbst brings a refreshing flair to the role she has portrayed for almost a decade.

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Despite a shortened first date due to Rebecca’s undisclosed strep throat and continued cancellations due to further illness, Seth was not deterred.

Resting during the cocktail hour was a necessity, and lights temporarily filled the reception, as the photographers could not use flash due to Rebecca’s migraine.

This could have derailed the evening for some people, but as with planning, the bride was able to use perspective and make the best of it.

The Bad and the Ugly-Was violently raped while walking home from a school dance.-Slept with Zander Smith while married to Ric Lansing, and Nikolas Cassadine while engaged to his brother Lucky.-Cheated on Lucky twice -- once with Jason Morgan, and once with his brother Nikolas.

Friends-Patrick Drake: Co-worker-Epiphany Johnson: Co-worker-Nikolas Cassadine Foes-Carly Corinthos Jacks: Enemy Love Interests-Lucky Spencer-Nikolas Cassadine-Zander Smith-Ric Lansing-Jason Morgan- Rebecca Herbst originated the role of Elizabeth Webber in August of 1997.