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The module outline is driven by staff research interests/expertise within the palaeoenvironmental research group in the department.

The syllabus provides some important background for dissertation topics including various lithological (eg, particle size, organic matter determination, heavy metals, mineral magnetics), biological (eg, pollen, plant macrofossil, testate amoeba) and geomorphological (glacier reconstruction) analytical techniques.

This includes investigating environmental change over long timescales, the use of sedimentary records, chronology development and a range of micro and macro fossil analyses.

This module will help you develop skills to enhance your employability potential and career development through: Deferral – if you miss an assessment for certificated reasons judged acceptable by the Mitigation Committee, you will normally be either deferred in the assessment or an extension may be granted.

This module provides a practical introduction into the study of past environmental change over the last 21,000 years in NW Europe.

This was a period of tumultuous change, characterised by violent swings in climate as the Earth system responded to the end of the Last Glacial Cycle.

Referral – if you have failed the module overall (i.e.

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English English SSGL-22306 Geology, Soils and Landscapes of the Rhine-Meuse Delta or comparable.

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