Qlabel settext not updating

For example, to change the theme to Qt Curve, add: The following styles are included in Qt4: CDE, Cleanlooks, GTK , Motif, Plastique, Windows.Others can be installed from the official repositories or the AUR (most are written for KDE Plasma Desktop): An interesting way of customizing the look and feel of a Qt application is using Style Sheets, which are just simple CSS files.def testc(self,e): print(e) #when I use this code: self.frame.mouse Press Event = self.testc; #it's okey #but when I'm using self.frame.mouse Press Event = self.testc("ssssss"); # after starting the function automatically performs a click not working # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- # Form implementation generated from reading ui file 'ar.ui' # # Created by: Py Qt4 UI code generator 4.11.4 # # WARNING! from Py Qt4 import Qt Core, Qt Gui try: _from Utf8 = Qt Core.Utf8 except Attribute Error: def _from Utf8(s): return s try: _encoding = Qt Gui. Unicode UTF8 def _translate(context, text, disambig): return Qt Gui. Raised) self.Object Name(_from Utf8("frame")) self.label = Qt Gui. QRect(17, 23, 91, 31)) self.Object Name(_from Utf8("label")) self.widget = Qt Gui. QRect(210, 30, 120, 80)) self.Style Sheet(_from Utf8("background-color: rgb(255, 158, 160);")) self.Object Name(_from Utf8("widget")) self.label_2 = Qt Gui. QRect(30, 40, 81, 31)) self.label_2Object Name(_from Utf8("label_2")) self.group Box = Qt Gui. QRect(380, 30, 120, 80)) self.group Style Sheet(_from Utf8("background-color: rgb(56, 30, 255);")) self.group Object Name(_from Utf8("group Box")) self.label_3 = Qt Gui. Returns TRUE if the label will scale its contents to fill all available space; otherwise returns FALSE. Please include the name of the manual page (qlabel.3qt) and the Qt version (3.3.8).

The QLabel widget provides a text or image display. A QLabel can contain any of the following content types: When the content is changed using any of these functions, any previous content is cleared. All the settings of QFrame are available for specifying a widget frame. Instead, it will try to use the settings from the running DE.In KDE Plasma or GNOME this works well, but in other less popular DEs or WM it can lead to missing icons in Qt5 applications. Enables auto-resizing if enable is TRUE, or disables it if enable is FALSE. See also text, QString::set Num(), and set Buddy(). The text will be interpreted either as a plain text or as a rich text, depending on the text format setting; see set Text Format(). QLabel will try to auto-detect the format of the text set. The label resizes itself if auto-resizing is enabled. Sets the label contents to plain text containing the textual representation of integer num. Does nothing if the integer's string representation is the same as the current contents of the label. The label resizes itself if auto-resizing is enabled. When enabled and the label shows a pixmap, it will scale the pixmap to fill the available space. Setting the text clears any previous content, unless they are the same.