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Keep following him as he slips past some hired help and takes a left. Beverly will drive away while Poppy and a few other vehicles chase you.You'll be going up some stairs now to a pool area, so be sure to jump in the pool for the "Quick Dip" mission requirement, then get out and keep following Beverly. Go ahead and film them, keeping the white box on Poppy's face. You will still have the camera so focus in on Poppy as Beverly drives.You'll know you have her in your sights when the box around her head is green.Beverly will take a few sharp turns every now and again but he'll always announce them before he does.The game has five difficulty settings; its two easiest ones contain a game mode playable with only one button, similar to a mode Kamiya used in Devil May Cry.

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Quick Dip: Jump in the pool whilst following Beverly. Money Shot: Achieve full facial recognition during chase. This time he's stalking another starlet named Poppy Mitchell, who he's convinced he can get a sex tape on. Follow Beverly as he walks down the sidewalk until he turns left up to some stairs.Another soundtrack CD, Rodin's Collection, was created for inclusion with pre-ordered copies of the game.Sega of Europe plans to release Bayonetta: Climax Edition in PAL regions, which will include a single-disc soundtrack and artbook along with the game.Bayonetta emerged as a long-haired, black-clothed witch with a beehive hairdo (in place of the traditional pointy hat) and glasses (which Kamiya "really pushed for differentiate Bayonetta from other female characters and give her a sense of mystery and intelligence").