Iceland was not settled until around 870, so this particular forest was destroyed almost half a century before humans arrived.

The unique tree ring results were then linked with those of co-authors Professors Christine Lane and Clive Oppenheimer, also from Cambridge’s Department of Geography.

The eruption, which is the oldest volcanic eruption to be precisely dated at high northern latitudes, occurred shortly before the first permanent human settlements were established, when parts of the now mostly treeless island were still covered with forest.

The team, which included volcanologists, climatologists, geographers and historians among others, used a combination of scientific and historical evidence to pinpoint the eruption date of the Katla volcano between late 822 CE and early 823 CE, decades before the earliest settlers arrived. In a similar way to how fossils can be used to understand the development and evolution of life on Earth, different types of environmental evidence can be used to understand what the Earth’s climate was like in the past and why.

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However, also among the rubble was a clay ink bottle, in almost the exact same condition as it was when discarded, which presented an opportunity to date this historical rubbish tip.

Trinity College presents an excellent opportunity for this kind of proxy dating, as its landscaping has remained largely unchanged for centuries and, being part of a well-surveyed city, can be traced back with the history of the city.

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An international group of researchers has dated a large volcanic eruption in Iceland to within a few months.