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The ATmega16/ATmega32 has four input output port named PORTA, PORB, PORTC and PORTD. The image below shows how we have connected these input output lines to various peripherals like LCD, IR Remote, Motor Driver, LEDs etc.

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programmed easily by USB 2.0 interface (common in Modern Desktop/Laptop Computers) by using our popular USB AVR Programmer v2.0 with user friendly software.

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Other commonly used peripheral with a MCU is LCD module.

Very extensive range of tutorial is made available by us to help you get started with them easily.

Software for this board is development using the C programming language.

You can run them clockwise or anti-clockwise or stop them at all. The advantage of these primary motors is that you can control their speed also.

You can also control two stepper motors by using the inbuilt motor drivers.