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I am passionate about all things good in, food. I am all about enjoying the small things in life and grabbing every opportunity that comes my way. Read more I love reading and literally composing some poetry. I am looking for someone who should support and help me... I like to take vacations and enjoy exploring new places and learning about different cultures. Exploring different destinations, cuisines and cultures is something I enjoy doing for leisure. Read more We connected on in later 2015 and started communicating on Whatsapp from there.

I think its the right time for me to settle down in life and hence seeking sui... I am looking for a boy to marry who would understand me.... My outlook towards life is modern, but I'm equally grounded in our traditions. I would love to meet someone who is loyal, loving to share my life with....

If you would like to list an open position at your church on this web page, please email [email protected] you are interested in getting to know other married couples and continuing to strengthen your marriage, consider joining a Married People small group.Groups are comprised of 4-5 couples of all lengths of marriage. We want you to take time this month to focus on and celebrate the incredible spouse God gave you! Lyndsay Lee Slocum will send you a date night idea and a weekly challenge to enrich your marriage. Receive updates from our Married People ministry ever Monday in May.Updates will be automatically texted to your cellphone every Monday.3) Email Email Rev. You'll receive a new update to your inbox every Monday.By day, firefighter Dean Scott puts out flames in rural western Washington.