Pre invalidating

TCP connections are represented as file descriptors, which usually work across process boundaries, meaning this will cause concurrent access to the file descriptor on behalf of two or more entirely independent Python interpreter states. The first is, either create a new that allows at most one checked out connection at any given time.This will raise an exception if more than one connection is checked out at a time.

Pessimistic testing of connections upon checkout is achievable by using the The “pre ping” feature will normally emit SQL equivalent to “SELECT 1” each time a connection is checked out from the pool; if an error is raised that is detected as a “disconnect” situation, the connection will be immediately recycled, and all other pooled connections older than the current time are invalidated, so that the next time they are checked out, they will also be recycled before use.

However, one database exception is raised, per each connection that is in use while the database unavailability event occurred.

In a typical web application using an ORM Session, the above condition would correspond to a single request failing with a 500 error, then the web application continuing normally beyond that.

Note that any overall connection limiting constraints imposed by a Pool implementation may be violated after a detach, as the detached connection is removed from the pool’s knowledge and control.

, allowing user-defined data to be associated with the connection.