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A rope around the back of her neck bends her over forward. About all the molesting that can go in is breastal, so Cole pitches in.Next, still in the chair, she's sitting back, with one leg tied straight out and fastened to a crotch rope that's doing a fine job of cutting her in two.Andrews cross, all of which she thinks would be just fine. Next the eager beaver is put into an inverted spread-eagle, featuring a snug crotch strap.After getting straight to the point by lifting her sweater and feeling up her breasts, Cole shows her the flogger. Tied Eiffel Tower, she gets to rub the Penis Pole against her pantied crotch. A strap gag over mouth packing completes the tableau.Leather straps around her neck, chest, and waist keep her upper body glued to the rack. Cut to Lori face-up on the rack, her legs tied high and wide.

When she pulls her wrists down, the dildo goes up to her pussy. Grade: A Karen Arthur is next up, wearing a white long-sleeved blouse and what looks like the same maroon wrap-around skirt Montgomery was just wearing. After taking care of the finances, a curious piece of editing shows Karen putting her skirt back on, getting her videotape, shaking hands with Cole, then leaving.That rope cuts pretty deeply into her you-know-what.She gets re-positioned to her knees, still astride the rope, wrists cuffed behind her back. Georgia is an eager participant in all this, maybe even too eager.The setting was perfect, everything I dream of, except my ideal would be to have several other girls naked and chained along with her.Damn her body is perfect, I would be ramming it into her non-stop.