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For the FM Wearables project, I’m in the Awareness group.

My intent with this project thus far has been to use my Fitbit Charge HR to track my stress levels.

Eligibility requirements include an 88% non-weighted high school average; verification of international interests and activities by your social studies teacher, school counselor, or other responsible parties; a two page essay describing your experiences and interests related to the field of international studies; a personal resume of student activities; and the ICS/Betty Wiles Scholarship application (see link above).

All information should be sent to the ICS office at 930 James Street, Syracuse, NY 13203 no later than the deadline listed on the application form.

I’m here to introduce to you the Withings Activité Pop. This wearable attributes its design to Paris, but is manufactured in China.

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This endeavor will be broken down into three phases: This summer-long study is comprised of three separate category groups for the sake of tracking and analyzing data and findings. For more information, read our introductory post on this project and follow @fuzzymath on twitter, hashtag: #fmwearables.

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