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And when he was attending PGA - Poznań Game Arena 2017 (official) and Game Industry Conference with us - he was awesome enough to take some cool photos. It's great to have talented people in our team, you [email protected][1514752648: Piotrek], who is an IT Manager at 11 bit studios, happens to be a great photographer as well! ‘Screen failure is unacceptable in the QSR sector where menu choices displayed on instantly updated digital menu boards help to swiftly process customer orders and ensure consistent and superior customer service .’ As standard, three 42” NEC screens are deployed into each of Greggs’ larger shops, using a ceiling mounted system.Different configurations and sizes of screens are used to match the retail environment; in smaller shops for instance, 32” screens are mounted within the bulkhead.With roots dating back to 1888, the Swiss sport watch brand has good reason to be attached to its history.Where swift through-put and efficient customer service is business critical, in the QSR sector, successful in-store digital communications offers compelling rewards including cost savings and significant sales uplift.

Greggs looked to digital communications integration specialist Beyond Digital Solutions to design and manage the installation and rollout across its estate.NEC’s unique heat management system monitors and controls the heat inside the display securing reliability and longevity despite some screens deployment within an enclosed recess.QSR is a punishing environment for electronic equipment but NEC’s professional-grade displays are designed to withstand heat build-up, dust ingress and physical damage to provide consistent 24/7 performance.Unlike consumer displays that have to be managed from within the restaurant via local remote controls, professional-grade units can be centrally monitored and managed from a remote location – an important consideration for owners with multiple stores.Across Greggs’ nationwide network of shops, offers and menu choices are scheduled to automatically display at different times of the day.