Pleasurebot sex talk

Some critics have said she is the President’s strongest hope of appearing stable and trustworthy. Then go to the loo with the door open, eat takeaway chow mein in bed, and let her legs get nice and stubbly.Walk about in flipflops with chipped toe-polish and a verucca.

“Looking forward to the memories we’ll make in our new home!

Based on the comments section, that still seems to be a big topic among you all.

And if you're a Killjoys fan, you got some ammo from Dark Matter's "Episode Seven" (Disclaimer: I have not seen this week's Killjoys).

I was wondering if she would be using the advantage of Three not remembering their past to her advantage and waited for the big twist, but there was none.

The idea of pre-stasis romance coming back to haunt these crew members is an interesting one with lots of possibilities, but Three's time with Sarah was played straight and didn't offer a whole lot to cling on to.