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Sa kabilang banda, siyempre ay patay-malisya ang Palasyo.[…] Man, my blog stats are peaking because of the tapes :chuckle: Uh, indirectly related to the issue is news of Pampanga congressman proposing Friday the creation of a body that will regulate the use of encryption technology in the country, with individuals, groups, businesses, and corporations using any kind of encryption technology to register their encryption key with a government board. This, even after the military’s tapping of the Arroyo-Garcillano conversations.there are so many questions that you can ask yourself about details in and surrounding the taped conversations that would only lead you to conclude that it’s the real deal. konti na lang magkakaron na ng mga military adventurists na pwedeng kumuha ng government.that said, we may need the engineers if we involve processes which require the operation of evidentiary rules. our batting average for convicting big fish is next to nil, if not nil. ewan ko ba pero nung edsa dos mukhang naloko tayo ng mga elitista simbahan at ni arroyo. palagay ko Ma’m Sheila malaki ang kontribusyon ninyo kung maipagkakaisa natin ang lahat ng media practitioners dito sa ginagawang information blockade ng sarili nating DOJ head. sinong maghahandle ng snap elections if umupo si drilon eh ang may problema eh yung comelec mismo? ang nakakatakot isipin eh sinong susunod na papasok… palagay ko hindi problema yung na wiretap si gloria eh ang problema eh nawiretap na nga siya eh dinedeny pa nya!hi shiela, i posted a comment on a previous entry here that there is a way to verify the identity of the voices, using voice samples of the persons allegedly involved.

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dont worry, last i heard, sen lacson already had the tapes investigated by an australian firm, they concluded it was indeed gma’s voice, disputing youir claim that “we dont need engrs”.include the Pagcor chairman (plus jueteng gate) and you have and endless supply of election support and money for the last national election… journalist blog continues to buck government pressure INSIDE PCIJ: Stories behind our stories: continues its historic and ground-breaking providing of news and actual transcripts and files in the ongoing crisis concerning alleged taped conversations involving the President of the Philippines and official…We made the recordings available for purely journalistic reasons: so the people may know.You’d expect PCIJ’s take on a news event weeks after the story breaks and it would come in a multi-page and multi-part article that would thoroughly diss… As for this version of the recording, yes, it is the same one that Samuel Ong has in his possession (he claims to have the master tape or at least one of the master tapes).Alecks, Your version of the tapes are different from that of Malacañang’s. We can call this the Omnibus Version as it contains the entire recording made by ISAFP operatives of Commissioner Garcillano’s conversations from May 17 to June 18, 2004. There were some efforts from the Moderator of our group in regards with the spliced tapes released by Bunye.