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If you are feeling a little run down, wear one as an amulet to repel dense energies and protect your psyche. Place a crystal in each area of your home to create harmony. When night falls place the crystals outside, allowing them to absorb the moon’s rays, or inside near a window where they can be charged by the light of the moon.

A crystal is used to amplify thought, will, and intention, and once a connection is made everything is enhanced. AMAZONITE – Self-expression, insight, stabilises emotions, promotes growth, study, clarity, insight, success. AMBER – Helps career, relieves stress, accomplishments, uplifts. AMETHYST – Aids sleep, reduces electrical energies, creates calm and tranquility, inspires happiness, generates positive feelings, relieves stress.

Place crystals around your plants to aid growth, or put one next to your computer to diffuse the electromagnetic energy.

Keep one on your desk when you are working to inspire you, use a gem or crystal to help you organise scattered thoughts and to help you think more clearly. ANGELITE – Bravery, abundance, communication, overcoming challenges, balance.

Seen as a connecting force between earth and ether, crystals are used for crystal ball readings, scrying, spell casting and invoking. AVENTURINE – Judgement, relieves tension, prosperity, clears the mind.

Cleansing your Crystals – To cleanse your crystals they can be placed in a warm water bath with detergent added, use a soft toothbrush to clean well, then place your crystals in cold water and leave for at least one hour.