Outlook updating cached headers

Outlook 2010 always showed it from the current day.

It may not have been the biggest change, but it was very warm welcomed one.

When you switch your tablet into portrait mode, Outlook will show the message at almost full width of your device to optimize the reading experience.Clicking on the “Get Help” link will open the regular Help viewer and the “Smart Lookup” link will open an “Insights” pane in Outlook and performs a web search with Bing.Clicking on the Attach File icon will now open a menu instead of a browser dialog to attach a file.When you type something in the the Tell Me field, you’ll actually search through Outlook’s list of commands which are then also useable from list of results.So, if you for instance don’t know where the option to enable your Automatic Replies is, simply type “Automatic Reply” in the Tell Me field and you can click on the command from the results.