Outlook 2016 public folder not updating

By default, Outlook should use our refresh setting of every 5 minutes.The only options for syncing with Outlook for Mac right now are our Office 365 and Exchange integrations.If you're still unable to connect, our 1-way subscription is an option!After connecting, appointments from Acuity sync within a couple minutes (usually right away! If you don't see your Acuity appointments after a few minutes, the problem is usually a connection between or Office 365's online calendar and your Outlook app.Within the Get Info screen presented, check the Prevent Nap App box.14.3.2 update\Sent messages are being filtered If you are experiencing this issue, upgrade to newer version.Saved search query in Entourage 2008, Web Services Edition converts to a subfolder in Outlook for Mac 2011 In Entourage 2008, Web Services Edition, after you create a search criterion that produces the result that you want, you can save this search to create a dynamically updated view of your Entourage items.

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Mac users must grant the "Reviewer" role to Outlook 2011 users.

*Keep in mind that if your Outlook calendar is not a web-based calendar, it cannot be synced to Acuity's calendar syncing. To verify that you have a web-based Outlook calendar, log in at: https://outlook.com/ If you're having trouble getting sync set up, or aren't seeing events and appointments syncing, here are some common issues: Acuity requires an online service like Office 365, or Exchange in order to set up 2-way syncing.

If you're using Outlook without an online service, you can still use our 1-way subscription.

Server-side rules cannot be created The only server-side rules that Outlook for Mac currently supports is Out of Office.

It does not support setting server-side rules to move or manage messages and contacts or to act on calendar events.