Online dating advice forum

The average poster will usually get some type of intermediate recognition.

The frequent and long term users will often get more of a “superstar” type of recognition.

I mean, realistically, if a guy is as good as he claims (whether it be dating, investing money, bodybuilding, etc., etc.) do you honestly think he’d be anywhere near a forum to begin with?

Could you picture Tiger Woods signing up for a golf forum and spending hours per week telling people how to drive the ball further?

It just means you have more free time on your hands and have been on the forum for a longer period of time.).Then, a week later they seem completely lost again. In the rare instance they do start a new post, it’s usually to make a statement and not to ask a question.Usually this person is making some sort of progress, which is a good sign. Usually these are the most respected members on the forum. They’ll have pics of themselves posted or other proof they’re legit.The guy giving you fitness advice may actually be 300 lbs and eating an order of fries while replying back to your question.The guy claiming to be unstoppable with women may be 40, unemployed, and living in his parent’s basement.