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The Internet is an amazing resource that offers our children unlimited opportunities for learning, constructive entertainment and personal growth.Any child who is old enough to select a letter on a keyboard can access the world.The world of computers, cell phones, gaming systems and the Internet are constantly expanding and changing, and it is not uncommon today that children are more knowledgeable than adults.Parents and caregivers have a responsibility to help keep children safe online and to educate themselves about the technologies children use to communicate.

Just select either your nearest city or your region from the menu's below for a preview of our latest members near you.This is reflected in the person of the 16th century cloth magnate, Jack of Newbury, the proprietor of what may well have been the first factory in England, and the later tale of the Newbury Coat.The latter was the outcome of a bet as to whether a gentleman's suit could be produced by the end of the day from wool taken from a sheep's back at the beginning.The local legend was later immortalized in a humorous novel by Elizabethan writer Thomas Deloney.Newbury was the site of two battles during the English Civil War, the First Battle of Newbury (at Wash Common) in 1643, and the Second Battle of Newbury (at Speen) in 1644.