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Don't be surprised or comment it isn't news as if that's an amazing revelation or that the news people don't know that it isn't news.

I've never considered Twitter of much value, and don't use it.

This isn't "news." That's why it's posted in the Sci Tech Blog section of the Web site. Apparently there's no room in your world view for a news organization that covers some non-newsy stories now and then. I am an owner of a speciality printing company called ALDINE based in NYC.

Quite frankly, I don't think the NCAA basketball tournament should be considered "news." But just because *I* think that way doesn't mean everyone *else* should. We've been in business for 26 years and over the past 10 years have noticed a decline in the amount of stationary ordered, but quite the opposite regarding business cards.

Employees just gave out their Twitter names instead. At SXSW this year, Twitter employees are handing out paper business cards just like the rest of us.

So, I could see the same thing for business cards, and who knows, maybe they'll start posting jobs in the newspapers again for employment and a larger level before Monster took over?

Guess what no one thinks this is news editors choose what you post more responsibly. 68% say they feel more comfortable reading something on paper than on screen, suggesting that we associate things we can touch and feel as being more "real". i reports come with a huge disclaimer that you have to click out of when you first go there. Instead of eggshell white, the company went with an earthy brown color for its tissue. " Go do something useful with your lives, CNN "journalists" and "bloggers". but like any other IT project, it is way late and over budget.

Yes, it's news, if you are in marketing or business development, it's news!!!!! ----------- The above version is about as relevant as the original story. i loved to tweet and i alwasy tweeting even im on school or somewhere. Sometimes, simple, low-tech solutions work just fine.

Even highly advanced, technologically astute people (and businesses) know that "one size doesn't fit all" and a world that is too often trying to use technology to avoid "people contact" is a world that won't work in the long run.

A simple business card still has value and causes a person to put it in the hands of another person...meaning, you gotta talk to someone or at least look them in the eye.