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Use your skills to serve and protect - or harass and oppress - the citizens of Cyrodiil.This is your chance to join the guards serving in one of Cyrodiil's cities.If you're the only Captain in the city, patrol the whole city; if not, only patrol one part of the city.For example in Skingrad there's the Captain of the City Guard and the Captain of Castle Guard.Being a detective means preventing those kinds of things from happening. Your job as a detective is to investigate crime scenes and evidence, using the information to lead you to a suspect or group of suspects.

Honour your fallen comrades by placing their weapon across their corpse in a certain fashion in a sign of respect.Raise the Disposition of your fellow guards as high as they can go.Bribes aren't actually bribes: consider yourself the new barracks paymaster.Patrol the castle or guard your leader, possibly use the frenzy spell on a certain guard so that it looks as if he is an assassin, secretly trying to assassinate your leader.Help the citizens of your town out with their problems.