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Swiping up means you ‘love’ of a topic, down means you ‘hate’ it, right signifies ‘like’ and left means ‘dislike’ ().As of writing this there are over 2,000 topics to love, like, dislike, or hate, and once you’ve opined on enough of the topics, the app will show you your matches with a percentage rating based on your shared hatred.In under a month, Sparkology has created a name for itself and New York's most eligible single men and women are taking notice.Sparkology is not only improving the online dating industry but also improving members’ online dating profiles.Here, men are limited to the number of messages they can send. Women know each message is personal and are more likely to respond.

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The newly launched (just over a year) NYC-based dating site separates itself from the pack in a few key ways Sparkology was started to help the smart, reserved, hopeless romantic guy win.Sparkology, an exclusive online dating experience for New York City’s young professionals, today announced the addition of dating Concierges Donna Barnes, Laurie Davis, and Jojo Yang to their team.These experienced dating and relationship specialists will provide personal advice and coaching to Sparkology members on everything from building an effective online profile to planning the perfect date, letting NYC’s singles focus on just being themselves Today marks a new era of dating for singles in New York City. Start with a free week then pay a small one-time fee to join and then take advantage of our point system that lets women know you are serious and gets you higher response rates. Our team of white glove Concierges will boost your online profile, help you transition offline, and can quite literally make reservations for your entire date.John Keegan is a world-renowned dating coach that created the NYC-based coaching service the Awakened Lifestyle.