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CSI: NY follows a group of investigators who work for the New York City crime lab.The series mixes gritty subject matter and deduction in the same manner as its predecessors, yet also places a great deal of emphasis on criminal profiling.

An 85-year-old British woman has received a Japanese national honour after establishing herself as a sumo wrestling commentator.Searching the Archives The archive is divided into two search sets: 1851–19–present.Search the Article Archive: 1981-Present » Search the Article Archive: 1851-1980 » Accessing and Purchasing Articles — 1923–1980: Your digital subscription includes 100 archive articles every four weeks in this date range (from January 1, 1923 through December 31, 1980).European Union leaders are preparing for the fall of Theresa May before the new year, it emerged yesterday, as the prime minister lost her second cabinet minister in a week.Fears are growing in Brussels that the instability of Mrs May’s government raises the real prospect of a change of leadership or elections leading to a Labour victory. On paper, at least, Priti Patel had everything necessary to rise to the top of the Conservative ministerial ladder.