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Alternatively, intimidation may result from the type of society in which individuals are socialized, as human beings are generally reluctant to engage in confrontation or threaten violence.Like all behavioral traits it exists in greater or lesser manifestation in each individual person over time, but may be a more significant "compensatory behavior" for some as opposed to others.Sunday 22-May-16 I recently had a conversation about intimidation with a person who was concerned that they were scaring others, even when they tried not to do so.Here are some of the thoughts that came out of that very interesting conversation.If you try to talk to me or touch me casually, I may get intimidated and bite you. Haruki Murakami Stand up for your rights and be brave, and don't be intimidated. That's really given me strength, and it will give you strength. Ellen Willis A lot of guys are very intimidated by an attractive woman, and they dehumanise her because our culture perceives beautiful women as commodities.But I think if you're able walk up to a person and get to know them, and you see their flaws and their impurities, and realise that they're like you, then you can humanise them again.Political correctness to me is just intellectual terrorism.

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I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the cast of that show.I was so intimidated doing that show because I thought, ' Oh my gosh, those people are so young and gorgeous, and I'm a million years old, and I need a spray tan, and I'm going to be wearing all these fabulous clothes.' Joanna Garcia Liberals were intimidated by the Reagan administration and did not want to appear naive by talking about programs that called for government support. I'm out there.' William Julius Wilson I am someone that is very hard to handle. Sometimes I'm very outgoing and spontaneous and super hyper.Latinas, we love to touch each other - like, cuddle. Lele Pons Many years ago, large packs of wolves roamed the countryside in Ukraine, making travel in that part of the world very dangerous. They were not intimidated by people nor by any of the weapons available at that time.Being bold is being firm, sure, confident, fearless, daring, strong, resilient, and not easily intimidated.It means you're willing to go where you've never been, willing to try what you've never tried, and willing to trust what you've never trusted. Mike Yaconelli I am politically incorrect, that's true.