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It’s not uncommon for women to attribute vaginal irritation to latex, when it is more likely a result of the other chemicals those brands use in their formulas.(Statistics show less than 1% of the population is actually allergic to latex.) Here are the risky chemicals we don’t want anywhere near our vaginas, or yours: NO Nonoxyl-9 Aka ‘N-9’ is a surfactant (a type of detergent) which is lethal to sperm and STD related pathogens. It is also used in cosmetics and cleaning products and can also cause significant irritation to the skin and break down vaginal and rectal tissue.Since proper fit determines performance and pleasure, we offer three sizes measured to fit like a glove.Choose from ULTRA Standard-fit, MAXI Large or SLIMFIT a smaller condom with a tighter, snugger fit.We also know that you don’t have to trade pleasure or safety for effective protection against STD’s and unplanned pregnancy.Founded in Australia in over 25 years ago, GLYDE is the first premium non-toxic condom brand developed to complement your healthy lifestyle with non-toxic, chemical-free condoms that provide reliable protection.These are the most effective, and non-negotiable processes and ingredients used to make natural rubber latex condoms.

At GLYDE we know that you care about your body as much as we do ours.

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Produced in harmony with your body and the environment, our proprietary formula contains sustainably grown and harvested Fair Trade non-GMO natural rubber latex combined with thistle extract for added resilience.

The lubricant we use is lightly applied to keep the condoms from drying out and make them easier to slip on.