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The risk is also higher for women with a history of abnormal cells in the cervix, vulva or vagina.This is probably due to risk factors common to all these cancers, such as HPV infection.But we need more research to fully understand how these cancers affect anal cancer risk.Some studies have shown smoking increases the risk of anal cancer.But the risk is still small because anal cancer is a rare cancer.Around half (51%) of anal cancer cases in the UK each year are diagnosed in people aged 65 and over.

Some studies show that if you have had cervical, vulval or vaginal cancer you have a higher risk of developing abnormal cells in the anus or anal cancer than the general population.

I think a reason these Hanafis might believe that if is permissible to have anal sex in Jannah because the reason anal sex is forbidden is that it is the place of filth while in Jannah we won't defecate but this I what I think and maybe wrong Liwat only contra Deum or also contra naturam Then in Ibn al-Humams commentary we find - without reference to a section by Marginani - a short discussion of the question whether there is liwat in paradise: "It's being said: if it is forbidden for intellectual reasons (aqlan) and because of revelation (sam'an), then it cannot exist (in paradise), and if it is forbidden (only) due to revelation, then it can exist (there).

The correct view is that it cannot exist in paradise because God rejected it thoroughly and declared it hateful." Ibn 'Abidin discusses this question in Radd al-muhtar, his commentary on Haskafis Durr al-muhtar, which in turn is a commentary on/comments on Mulla Husraws (died 885/1480) Durar al-hukkam : "His [= Haskafis] saying 'And the liwata does not exist in paradise.' As-Suyuti said [in Nawadir al-aik fi nawadir an-naik]: '[Abu l-Wafa' 'Ali] Ibn 'Aqil [b.

People taking medicines to damp down their immune system after an organ transplant (for example, a kidney transplant) also have an increased risk of anal cancer.

Your risk of developing anal cancer increases as you get older.