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The benefits of the Aadhaar scheme in providing services to the poor and marginalised have been clearly shown in two studies recently concluded in the East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh and the Aurangabad District of Maharashtra.

By December 2012 the officials in East Godavari had enrolled over 95.5% of the population into the Aadhaar Scheme.

An agreement was entered into with a bank for the management of the cash and disbursement of cash to the beneficiaries on proof of identity through Aadhaar.

The batsman miscalculated and started celebrating Sri Lanka’s win with one run still required.

Such was the adrenaline rush that Gunaratne also pulled the wicket out to celebrate.

A pilot project was launched in 47 FPSs and a recent study showed that there was a saving of Rs.

44,274 (US$ 800) in each FPS merely by the elimination of ‘ghost’ and duplicate beneficiaries – by insisting on the Aadhaar card and checking the data online before issuing the rations.