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You get unbridled access to one fermenter, and everything you need to fill it with lovely, lovely beer. Remember, this is a group membership good for up to five people, so share the costs and the beer with your friends!On top of all that, we have a fantastic craft beer taproom on-site. Your first month's membership will be paid now, the rest on this day month by month, and you can cancel anytime.Treat someone to a brew course at UBREW Bermondsey (near London Bridge station) with a printable or emailable gift certificate.They'll be able to choose the date that suits them best, learn how to brew like a pro, and get three beers to drink on the day, as well as a case of roughly 18 beers that they brewed themselves once the beer's ready to drink! Wear a garment that will inspire equal amounts of admiration and fear in your peers: Octobear, The T-Shirt.

We aim to keep the whole process very hands on, and UBREW essentially becomes your brewery.

Our advice is to sign up, then ask friends if they'd like to join you.

We know from experience that this is the best way to get a brew on.

That's why all of the memberships we sell are 5 person group memberships.

So when you sign up for UBREW, four of your mates are signing up with you - meaning you have four lovely brew partners to share the costs, beer and fun with!