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There I met Narupon Silargorn, who came to this city as an art student and in 2008 opened Lers Ros Thai, where most of the early customers were Asian.“I didn’t care whether farangs liked it,” he said.

He also didn’t care that many customers couldn’t properly pronounce the name (layre rote tie), which means “excellent taste.” Now he has three branches, and two-thirds of his customers are not Thai.

Pim described one such dish, namprik long rua, an intensely spicy sauce.Ever since, I’ve been preoccupied with a mystery: how one of the world’s most sophisticated and flavorful cuisines can be reduced to such a starchy and insipid mess. One is the persistence of a belief — not unfounded — among some Thai chefs that Westerners like their food sweet and can’t handle spice.When I was living in Bangkok, a Thai friend told me she had worked in the kitchen of a Thai restaurant in Austria.I asked her whether it was difficult to cook for farangs, the term Thais use to describe Europeans and Americans.“It’s easy,” she said.“You pretend you are cooking for children.”Thai food is not the only cuisine to have been transformed in the journey across oceans.