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Hampton said his transition from playing corner in high school to safety at Rutgers, where ex-defensive coordinator Joe Rossi felt his body type was best suited, was relatively seamless.“The struggles in the beginning of the year were just not being mentally focused on what I had to do, thinking too much,” Hampton said.But on Thursday, Busch couldn’t resist raving unprompted about his redshirt sophomore from Hamilton. After redshirting as a true freshman, Hampton found himself in the thick of an inexperienced, depleted secondary last season. Learning curves ratcheted skyward, fair or unfair, anticipated or not. “Our heads were all spinning, we had the young guys out there.His name is Saquan Hampton, a 6-foot-1, 200-pounder flashing prowess as a first-team free safety and versatility as a nickelback in Rutgers’ subpackages. That’s just movement, that means how fast you go from A-to-B, and that has shown up the most,” said Busch, who has assisted at the likes of Wisconsin, Utah and Nebraska dating back to 1989. But we had to just lock in and follow veterans like (Anthony) Cioffi and get our heads in the playbook.” By the end of the year, Rutgers returned porous results.

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