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Watch the Rat City Roller Girls get down and dirty over roller derby at the Shoreline.Practically a Seattle right of passage, this sport can be a little hard to accurately explain, so we recommend just going and watching tattooed women and other badasses throw themselves into each other until you get it.Here is a list of awesome places to hike around shy to ask a stranger to take a photo of me kissing my boyfriend.Solve all your problems by going on a double date with your bestie couples friends and take awesome couples IG pictures for each other! Dress up and really ball out at a boujee dinner at a fine dining restaurant like Hawkworth or Gotham's. at the Rosewood Hotel Gotham's Steakhouse // 615 Seymour St. Black & Blue // 1032 Alberni @undefined Go on an educational date to Science World (yes, Science World) and learn something new together!

From Claim of Thrones to Twisted Flicks, you definitely won’t have to worry about breaking the ice here -- you can leave that to the experts.

Stepping foot (or skating foot) into Southgate Roller Rink is a total blast from the past in the very best way.

If the vending machines with the campy stickers and old-school arcade games don’t shoot you right back to middle school, then the on-point skate jams should do the trick. The roller rink has a fully stocked bar in the back to soften the blow of your many inevitable falls -- because let’s be real, you’re probably gonna need it.

um, into a salacious little art gallery where you can also get cocktails!

There's no shortage of secret Seattle bars, but Brass Tacks is a South Seattle spot with secret rooms, including one behind the sliding bookcase at the very back of the bar, where you can make yourself at home on the funky repurposed car seats, have a delicious cocktail, and then check out the shuffleboard table for a one-on-one time.