Multiple myeloma dating service

Although it can be hard to talk about sex, it’s important to tell your partner how you feel. They may be able to help you manage the issues causing your sexual problems, or refer you to a counselor who can help bring more satisfaction to your sex life.

Cancer and its treatments can sometimes cause infertility or serious birth defects.

There is also financial assistance available to help people who cannot afford the cost of their medications.

Good places to start your research are the websites of the Cancer Financial Assistance Coalition ( and the Partnership for Prescription Assistance ( This is a searchable, online database of financial and practical assistance available for people with cancer.

Sexual challenges for women and men caused by MM and its treatment may be helped with a combination of approaches that consider medical, relationship, and emotional needs.

Solutions, depending on your medical circumstances, may include medication or working with a therapist who specializes in sexual relationship issues—or a combination of both. It’s about being emotionally close, letting your guard down, and sharing how you really feel.

In one week managers might need to hire staff to accommodate an intimate black-tie dinner party for 30 diners, a 3,000-person corporate event and a promotional cocktail hour for 300 people.

Cancer provides free counseling and support groups led by professional oncology social workers. There are many organizations that provide help with medical billing, insurance coverage, and reimbursement issues.

There are also many local and national support services available to assist you. Your oncologist, other doctors, and nurses are a great source of information about treatment options, pain and side effect management, and other medical concerns.

There are also a great number of reputable organizations that provide trusted information on multiple myeloma and related issues (see sidebar).

This comprehensive online tool features up-to-date contact information and descriptions for hundreds of national and regional organizations offering financial help to people with cancer. The American Cancer Society’s Road to Recovery Program provides transportation to and from cancer centers for patients and their families.

You can search by diagnosis, zip code and type of assistance. Local and county government agencies can give you information on Social Security, state disability, Medicaid, income maintenance, the Low Income Heating Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), and food stamps. Your local and county governments may also offer low-cost transportation for people who qualify. People affected by multiple myeloma may feel overwhelmed by any number of other day-to-day concerns not covered in this fact sheet.