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Millionaire Date, run by our No.1 choice millionaire dating site, is an excellent dating website for the wealthy executive that simply doesn’t have time to waste with incompatible matches.This is a well-organized site with lots of great features and tools.Editor's review: This is one of the most well organized, user friendly dating sites you’ll find anywhere online.It’s got all of the features you’ll find on other major dating sites, it includes great testimonials, and it makes signing u a simple process.Not only are membership fees quite reasonable, but free members actually have access to quite a few features of the site.

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You can also be certified as a millionaire to prove that you are who you claim to be.“It also feels very off-putting if you ask someone a question, they punt back and ask you the same one, and you refuse to answer it.It’s comes off as very one-sided and unfair.” So if you don’t want to talk about your childhood, job history, religion, or political views, simply don’t ask your date about these topics—although Andersen is quick to point out that talking about these things early on is often to your benefit. Speaking of not saying things, here are some secrets it’s alright to keep from your partner.Registration The best dating sites can gather a lot of information about you with the minimal amount of effort, and if that’s a partial litmus test of how user friendly a site is then Millionaire date passes with flying colors.It’s not the shortest sign up process you’ll ever come across on a dating website, but it’s user friendly and not overly long.