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FACT #5Never assume that what YOU want in the relationship is the same what HE wants. This one of all dating tips can be rephrased as a one-word rule: COMMUNICATE! Many successful men live by the rule: “I came so far using my own brain so don’t try to change me.” Any further pressure will result in repulsion on his side.

Example: if you start dating a guy and don’t explicitly discuss exclusivity – he will go on and meet other women. Talk about everything, express your views, opinions, ideas. Remember the old saying, "A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still."The longer you try to change a man the greater are chances of him loosing any attraction and interest towards you.

Do you want to spend time in your relationship arguing or lying to yourself? So the next of all dating tips you learn is this: FACT #3Men are quite simple. They like friendly, interested, positive, and CHALLENGING women. The key here is the word “challenging.” You have to turn the tables. You will become a Very Special Woman for them in an instant.

"I was throwing all kinds of clues at him whole night and he just ignored them! " or "We are dating for a half a year and he just does not want to make any effort to think about our future. You can neglect these dating tips and plan the whole “battle” and finally even "get" him as a boyfriend only to discover afterwards that he is cheating on you. Try this: realize that a lot of attractive (and in high demand) men will be available and happy if at the appropriate time you indicate that you would like to have “friends-with-benefits” kind of relationship. (Of course, you do some qualifying beforehand.)This way you will turn the situation around. This step will create a powerful attraction and a lot of respect towards you.

FACT #10Realize that possessiveness, jealousy, and fear are your enemies in the world of dating.No matter how many women write in to say, ‘I don’t do this!’ the fact is many, many, many women practice the behavior that follows.But the quality and depth that you will discover are well worth it.It is as though fear is guiding gates to your personal happiness.