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As well as a living church, it’s also one of the capital’s favourite visitor attractions, attracting over a million people each year.

You can appreciate how vital it is for the Abbey’s gift shop to get its offer right when it comes to high quality mementos.

Cornish Tea was founded in 2012 and now has a global following of enthusiastic tea drinkers.

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Most of Britain’s monarchs were crowned in the impressive Gothic abbey church, and it’s also the location for most royal marriages and funerals.

We worked with Cornish Tea to create an appealing little silver teapot charm based on their logo.

The teapot is the endearing pot-bellied variety known as a “Brown Betty”.

Mallards has been creating quality souvenirs for Westminster Abbey’s gift shop since we began designing bespoke heritage jewellery in 2004.

There are so many exquisite details to inspire us, and it’s a real pleasure to be able to use our creative imaginations at the Abbey.