Mba and dating

In the thirty-five and over demographic it became common to meet men in the same situation as myself.In addition to the divorced man I would soon meet a type who would become the scourge of my dating existence: the MBA. Fully succumbing to the seven-year itch, he is now on the prowl just as intensely as his bachelor counterpart.But in a few short years Tisha’s sarcastic remark would ring true.Unions that were a mismatch to begin with or occurred for reasons other than the desire to spend their lives together crumbled.The pool of men to choose from was now smaller as more were settling down.“All the decent ones are already taken”, I lamented over the phone to my girl Tisha. “Oh don’t stress it”, Tisha replied,”with the way things are for our generation many of them will be divorced and back in the dating pool by the time we are thirty-three! Divorce is hard and uncomfortable, so I certainly did not wish for others to experience it.I'm starting a business with a partner, creating an online dating site/community that allows people who have a love of food to meet.

My ex-spouse moved on, getting married and starting a family. But when I surveyed the landscape I realized the market was not what it was in my late teens/early twenties.Having a service a few people rave about will help distinguish you.So when you are fairly certain you have some rabid fans, then you try to scale and find new fans.And suddenly you are more than just a tool; you are a necessity. My first piece of advice is based on what I said above about getting people to love it; perfect the product as best you can.Go to users and incorporate their feedback into the product decision.