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Post-Divorce Dating Tips for Men Single in the Suburbs and Searching for Love?The nights in Alaska are chillier than you would expect, and those cooler temperatures are the perfect excuse to get up close and personal with your significant other.Anchoragites definitely have a good sense of humor (and isn’t that what everyone’s looking for in a person? If there’s a more outdoorsy city in all of North America, it can’t be more devoted than Anchorage.) and it isn’t any clearer than when, every winter, the people take to the street and try to outrun reindeer. They’d always rather spend their time outside in a kayak, fishing for salmon down Ship Creek, climbing cliff faces in the Chugachs—anything but sitting around doing nothing. Even if you aren’t already dating an Anchoragite, I bet you’re considering it now.

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But that will soon give way to excitement because it’s finally springtime!Months upon months of winter cold and nights that seem to never end mean your Anchorage lover is genetically predisposed to snuggling. They’ll give you the warmest bear hugs around and always keep you nice and warm.Your Anchoragite knows you need a little something to get you up and at ‘em—a cup of tasty, tasty espresso. In Anchorage, coffee is serious business, and your refined Anchoragite could give a romantic Parisian a run for their euros when it comes to a stellar cup of joe.Of course, you could always be practical and save up for getting a place together soneday...This is not as unfamiliar a sight as you’d expect: You and your sweetie are getting ready to leave for work when suddenly, moose.