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was created in 1995 when [email protected], the strategic investment and development arm of CMG Information Services, Inc., purchased the exclusive rights to Lycos Spider Technology from Carnegie Mellon University.

Lycos was established as a subsidiary of [email protected], which later became CMGI Inc., to develop and market the technology.

Throughout 1996 Lycos continued to upgrade its search engine.

The first upgrade, called Centi Speed, performed 4,000 queries per second, four times as many as its nearest competitor.

However, a2z was dropped later in the year, but Lycos would continue to try to create a classified directory of web sites.

In April 1996 Lycos was one of four search engine companies that had their IPOs that year. , the best-known search engine, Info Seek, and, which was produced by Architext, also went public.

Lycos planned to ship this shrink-wrapped version of its web crawler in 1996 for use in corporate intranets and wide-area networks (WANs).

In early 1996 Lycos offered a free product called a2z, which categorized Lycos's database of 19 million URLs by subject.

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Through an agreement with Info Space Inc., Lycos users could access Info Space's People Directory, which contained more than 100 million U. and Canadian business and public telephone numbers, and Accu Mail, a large e-mail directory.

After going public in 1996 it acquired a wide range of companies providing content and services.

It also expanded internationally by forming joint ventures in Asia, Japan, Latin America, and Europe.

Following their successful IPOs, other companies announced plans to go public or provide commercial searching products.

Digital Equipment Company (DEC), which developed the Alta Vista searching technology, planned to develop products for the corporate intranet market.