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Using this feature, users can define as many legend items as they need and apply them to symbols and paths on a diagram.In the project, a diagram legend defined by a user is a model element that can then be reused not just in all diagrams of the same project, but also in other projects. Copy and paste symbol style A symbol style defined in symbol properties can now be copied and pasted on another symbol with just a few clicks.This sample guides you from the business analysis stage to requirements, architecture, and testing of an information system for a training organization.The sample shows how technologies such as simulation, analysis, UI prototyping, report generation, and BPMN, Sys ML, and UML modeling languages can be used in conjunction with one another. Generic numbering mechanism for numbering Use Cases The generic numbering mechanism is now used to number Use Cases. Generic numbering mechanism for numbering Use Cases 2.4. Enhanced support for displaying Parts, Ports, and Lifelines 2.8. DSL relation selection in Criterion Editor dialog 2.10. Ability to search for diagrams in the Print dialog 2.12. Any changes made in the Use Case Scenario specification panel will be automatically reflected in the underlying Activity diagram. Define the Use Case Scenario and click the Open Activity Diagram button to see the workflow of the defined actions.If any syntax errors are found, users are warned and offered a suggestion on how to fix them.

This functionality allows users to create a generic table, manage generic table filters, columns, rows, and cell values. New resources A new Magic Draw project sample named Product portfolio for software engineering sample has been added.

Now you do not need to select separate symbols on a diagram to move them to another location.

Pusher moves a group of symbols towards the pushing direction thus creating an empty space for adding new symbols to a diagram. It moves the selected group of symbols to reduce empty space on a diagram.

They may appear when working with several interrelated projects in a team. If recovered elements are in the model, it is an indication that some data in the projects where this element is used was not completely removed.

Fixing the model is recommended using one of the following solutions: 2.7.