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I can’t say so much for outdoor scenes though, as textures appear too basic and uncared for, clearly not sharing the same polish as Seung-Ah’s Korean suburban home.

Locomotion is either static room-scale, which warps you through different parts of the story or room on cue, or ‘on-rails’ forward motion when within scenes. The game’s dialogue tree is a wooden and wholly uninspiring way to interact with another person in VR, but seems like a necessary evil in lieu of some future version of AI-driven voice recognition that ought to be next to perfect to maintain the illusion.

is a VR dating experience from Korean studio EVR Studio.

While it’s fairly short and only offers subtitles in a number of major languages to go along with the Korean audio, the experience of sitting across from a very life-like person as she laughs and smiles, talking about her vacation as you jump into immersive interludes, makes me wonder what the future of VR dating sims will look like.

Taking over the role of Dong-Woo, a school-age Korean guy just back from summer vacation, you head over to Seung-Ah’s house, your friend and apparent love interest.Inviting you into her home, she prepares a small snack and proceeds to tell you about the details of her summer vacation to Europe.Her most memorable bits: a skydiving trip to Switzerland and a day at the beach in Spain.Technically, the experience delivers competently rendered interiors which feel like genuine places.The home is a comfortable, inviting space that feels real enough to keep you on company manners.