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And that silence was broken with the cry of a baby on Christmas night. These are represented by Christmas and Easter—the two biggest holidays for the church.

People who don’t even go to church do go on these days.

I believe that God is Bonham: How intentional were you in creating a book that could be read and applied all year long, not such during Advent and the Christmas season? I grew up in a church that didn’t observe Advent, so I didn’t really know what it was about until later in life.

But to put the word Christmas on the cover, that might have pushed the book into the rush and the crush of the season. But in its specific application, it’s best read from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

It wasn’t about writing a happy Christmas devotional. So I just need people to know that I’m not just somebody coming up with some nice devotional thoughts about Christmas.

It was about giving people encouragement in the real challenges of life. Then come Thanksgiving, were the ones receiving the encouragement. This is a book for people that are stuck in the middle of what they long for and hope for and the reality of God coming through on His promises in their lives.

Bonham: What was the personal inspiration behind the book?

In every word that went on the page, I wanted it to matter to a family like that. If it matters to them, it will matter to all of us.” That was the lift.If there’s a perfect family out there, we’re all happy for that family. Most families are living with some sort of challenge or some sort of difficulty. They don’t need a nice little glib Christian devotion.While I was writing this book, I was writing in the summertime. They need truth that can be ballasts on a boat in the storm.We’ve got to recover the promise of God revealed at Christmas and the triumph of Jesus on Easter morning.We’ve got to somehow figure out how to weave those stories into the flow.