Live chat no credit

Along with chat history, you can view customer’s important details like location, devices, and operating systems and to get a clear picture to understand buying behaviour.View a complete live site activity (including average response time, total time spent on chat, survey rating results and total offline.) in all-in one dashboard.So for instance, when ratings were taken off of the visible information, we needed to start opening up each chat in order to view this. We are very sorry to hear that you've experienced some technical issues with us.

Read the full review Able to give good customer service through chat.If you have any icons you like, please feel free to share them with us at [email protected] It solves the live-chat problem, together with a ticketing system.We use the ticket system to track requests for fixing our web-application, which saves us money from buying software such as Jira.Live chat works just as expected, never seen it fail.Easy to transfer chat to another operator, easy to setup and use canned questions.