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If you’re going to switch to Linux, you must be open to learning about command structures because you will find yourself using it frequently.I’m sure there are graphical workarounds (such as opening config files in a text editor) but it’s hard to beat the power and efficiency of a terminal that does exactly what you tell it to do.

Although the full piece is behind a paywall, we do have some excerpts. is encouraging some producers of violent or risqué videogames to provide content for its Switch console in an attempt to shed its image as a maker of devices just for families, software developers say.The kind of people who would most benefit from the freedom and openness of Linux are the people–men and women alike–who enjoy exploring, learning, and experimenting with what they’re given.Every Linux computer is unique, and that uniqueness comes from having to personalize a bunch of settings to your hardware and setup.Because Windows has such a widespread grasp on the PC market, driver manufacturers tend to focus their efforts on that one operating system.Which means companies like AMD and Nvidia prioritize Windows over Linux.